Our home and dogs.
We live pretty much isolated out in the country. (Excellent for our dogs!)
Welcome to Harry Banfathers home page

On January the 31st 2009 our German Shepherd bitch gave birth to 7 puppies, 3 female and 4 male, all very similar in size and all in good shape. 6 of the litter have been sold and we have kept one male called Akko.

We chose the sire with great care in order to create calm, stable, healthy and affectionate family dogs that will also be good material for those who wish to train and compete in working dog trials.
The sale of the puppies was conducted according to the rules laid down by the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK)
The breeder- Harry Banfather - is active in the local branch of the kennel club - Ulricehamns Working dog club - as a committee member and among other things, by being in charge of the section working with the mandatory mental testing required by the kennel club for authorised breeding and dog registration.
The family members are all "dog people" and have been for several generations. Our latest bitch, Diedjie (pronounced Deedee) was our 4th bitch. Her predecessors all came from the Swedish State Dog School in Sollefteå where guide dogs, police dogs, bomb dogs etc were bred and trained. In each case we were a foster home to start with.

It is with pleasure, now just after the litters second birthday, to be able to report that the owners seem well satisfied. Two of them we meet on a fairly regular basis, of course our own daughter who has the livliest of them all - Ursa who, when they meet, tires out her brother Akko in about 10 minutes.
Ada, the only long haired of the litter has her own homepage and her owners Sven & Barbro seem very satisfied and really love their dog.
I recently had contact with two of the other owners and they only had positive things to report.
A good feeling!


Time is just running away and it seems that this year has hardly begun and we are already in October. Akko is a great dog, very good with our grandchildren and calm in all situations. I still miss Diedjie, Akkos mother, whom we lost on the 13th December 2015. She was so devoted to me and her constant presence in close proximity to me is missed every day. It felt right to have two dogs and we will see if another will be added to the family soon.