My general background
Harrys background.
I was born in London in 1954. I passed through Batford infants and junior school and attended Roundwood Park secondary school 1965 - 1971 after which I began a 5 year technical apprenticeship at the General Motors Vauxhall plant and Luton technical college in autumn1971 . I achieved Higher National Certificate Mechanical engineering.  I worked at the Luton plant until 1977 when I emigrated to Sweden to marry Ann-Mari. During the remaining period of Ann-Mari's academic studies at Chalmers Technical Institue, I learned Swedish and worked as a vehicle technician at Saab in Gothenburg. 1979 we moved to Marbäck near Ulricehamn where I worked at:
Volvo (Bil o Traktor) i Borås, Saab-Ana Ulricehamn as a motor mechanic and later at Bogma Maskin AB, firstly as a service technician but later on as a design engineer, engineering manager and finally as service manager. I did a short stint at Helge Nyberg AB as a design engineer for materials handling equipment. In the autumn of 1989 Bogma Maskin AB went into liquidation, at which time I was service manager so I started Tekmo Service AB together with a companion, Pentti Virtanen. Unfortunately Pentti succumed to cancer after about 2 years and I continued alone until1999 when I was offered a position at Parker Hannifin AB Pneumatic Division as manager for the product development test laboratory. I sold Tekmo Service AB in 2002.
Apart from my passion for German Shepherd dogs (and dogs in general) I have a row of hobbies: Music (play various instruments, sing in a choir and compose also), cars and hunting (I hunt moose and deer), I love films and good detective series. I am a prolific reader.
Ann-Mari and I have three children Sara, Rebecca & Kaj, born 1983-87.
We are still married and have been a couple since 1974.
In 1980 my mother in law became a foster home for the Swedish state Dog school and received HS Maxa our first German Shepherd bitch. I was the one, however, who joined the local dog club and trained Maxa and finally became Maxas owner when she was pensioned off from being a breeding bitch. Maxa passed away at 12 years and 10 months. Maxa was the first in a row of  4 German Shepherd bitches, a German shepherd male and latest another bitch. Some of these dogs were concurrent. In 2007 I underwent training in the Swedish Kennel Club in order to be able to officiate at dog mental tests and shortly thereafter became a committee member at the local dog club. I was born and raised together with dogs, at birth my parents had a Sealyham terrier. When I was  5 they had a cross breed who lived for almost 13 years. After this it was German Shepherds all the way.
At the current time (2020) we have Akko a German Shepherd dog and Kayla a bitch.
Harry & Barney spring 2021