The facts.
A look back over the years
During my training to be an automotive engineer it was natural for me to service and repair cars belonging to friends and family, this spread to neighbours and fellow students.
After moving to Sweden, my first job at SAAB was not so much about service and repairs but more about conversions and modifications. During this period I installed: A large number of air conditioners into diplomatic vehicles, some of the first car phones (that took up half the boot space), handicap conversions and at least 100 cab heaters.
With the move to Volvo Borås and subsequently Saab in Ulricehamn there was a gradual transference to working exclusively with the electrical systems.
The job at Bogma meant travelling worldwide to repair, service, modify and commission wide belt sanders and this job entailed not only mechanical systems but also pneumatics, hydraulics and electrical systems both high and low voltage. I was also required to become conversant with sanding techniques used for different woods and laquers.
After transfering to the engineering dept, I was required to develop new machine systems in the afore mentioned areas.
When Bogma went into liquidation I in effect continued my previous career, now in a company (Tekmo Service AB) I jointly owned with Pentti Virtanen. I devised a custom made administration system for Tekmo based on FileMakerPro software.
Apart from the technical side, I now had to also work with sales, purchasing and finances. After Penttis death I ran Tekmo for almost 8 years on my own and was close to being completely "burned out" and therefore began to search for an alternative.
In 1998 I gained employment as Laboratory Manager at Parker Pneumatics and am currently still holding this position.
This job entails organising prototype build, test and determination of product characteristics and requires contact with both suppliers and customers.
Possibly due to being multilingual, I was given responsibility for the location ISO committee and have in this capacity, and as product trouble shooter, visited most European countries and also USA, Canada, Japan, Egypt, Bahrain and Siberia.
Being fluent in Swedish, English and German, I have translated all manner of technical documentation. Speaking fluent Swedish also gives an understanding of Norwegian and Danish as they are related languages. In my spare time I recently translated a Swedish book about a police dog "Ingo" to English. This exceptional book was written by Per Bökman.

Visit to an Aluminium smelter works in Abu Dhabi. 2015.
CV / Meritförteckning
Bilaga Beskrivning Datum
Attachment Description Date
  Skol,- högskolebetyg m.m. / School, training & college  
1 General certificate of education (GCE) 1971
2 Certificate of secondary education (CSE) 1971
3 Ordinary national certificate in engineering (ONC) 1973
4 Higher national certificate in engineering (HNC) 1976
5 Vauxhall (GM) training agreement 1972
6 First year training certificate 1972
7 Certificate of training 1976
  Betyg från tidigare arbeten / References from previous  
  places of employment  
8 Sommararbete Tyskland VVS firma Georg Katz 1970
9 Vauxhall Motors Ltd (Training officer) 1977
10 Vauxhall Motors Ltd (Industrial tutor) 1977
11 Vauxhall Motors Ltd (Chief Safety Officer) 1977
12 Saab-Ana i Göteborg AB 1979
13 Bil och traktor (Volvo) Borås 1980
14 Bogma Maskin AB 1981
15 Saab-Ana i Borås AB 1983
16 Bogma Maskin AB 1984
17 Helge Nyberg AB 1986
18 Bogma Maskin AB 1987
  Kursintyg m.m.  / Training course certificates  
19 The Duke of Edinburgh's Award 1974
20 Institute of linguists 1976
21 Svenska för invandrare del II 1977
22 Svenska för invandrare del III 1977
23 CAD grundkurs 1987
24 Trygghetsrådet - Starta eget 1991
25 Bokföringsgrunder 1991
26 Macintosh grundkurs 1991
27 Tulldeklarering 1992
28 Labview kurs 1999
29 Microsoft project 2000
30 El-mätteknik 2001
31 Excel fortsättningskurs 2002
32 Parker - kreativ teknik 2002
33 Manager in Parker 2003
34 Parker - pneumatik del II 2003
35 Parker - systemteknik 2003
36 Miljökurs 2004
37 Statens Provningsanstalt SP - tätkontroll 2006
38  Baskunskap elektronik                                                2011 
Analysing smelter works equipment at our factory in Chomutov Czech Republic