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Friday 23rd July 2021.

Looking back at the photos in the album I am reminded of the fantastic dogs we have had and I can still not shake off the feeling of deep sadness at how things went with Kayla. Thinking of these dogs and how loosing them felt still brings tears to my eyes. 
Our Puppy reunion for Barney today was a wonderful event with an incredibly convivial atmosphere and despite over 40 years of having German Shepherds I still learned something new today but I suppose Barney being a Flat Coated Retriever makes him different to the German Shepherds so perhaps not so strange after all that there were new things to learn. 
All the indications are that Barney is going to be a great dog and all my family love him already so we look forward to him growing up and training him.
Barney 13 weeks old 2021-07-22