Why I'm a sceptic

Sceptical to religion

I have been sceptical to all religious teachings since I was about 14. There are many reasons for this. My atheist convictions have become all the more solid as time goes by and I will soon be 67. Herewith some of the more solid reasons for my view on this subject.

Recent events (2020 & 2021) caused me to do some online research on the W.H.O. website. After some fairly basic calculations I arrived at the following facts:

30,5 million people (30 500 000) globally per year die prematurely. (i.e. before reaching the average longevity age for their country).

Of this number 5 475 000 are infants 0 to 5 years of age. (That amounts to an incredible 15 000 kiddies per day and total of 83 561 premature deaths per day!!!)

The chief causes of these early deaths are: Diseases, infections, famine, and conflicts (i.e. war)

 It seems to be generally accepted that Hitler was responsible for the death of 6 000 000 Jews during WWII (1939 to 1945) which conveniently averages out to 1 million per year. If I am wrong and there is a deity (whether it be god, allah or whatever) that purportedly possesses the power to prevent/alleviate all this suffering but chooses not to, then logically this “benevolent” entity is then 30,5 times more evil than Hitler.Incalculably more so in fact, because all these 30,5 million individuals almost certainly had families that also suffered due to the premature loss of their loved ones. I then personally find it a very strange fact that some people feel the need to praise this deity for its benevolence and mercy when the above numbers unequivocally prove that these characteristics are totally lacking. Any human who murders only one single person is put behind bars for life. Any nebulous but omnipotent entity that casually lets 30,5 million humans suffer and perish, 5,475 million of them totally innocent infants, and raises not a preventative finger, deserves condemnation not praise. My humble apologies to those of you who harbour religious beliefs, it is not my intention to tread on any toes, I am only stating my own view to which I would add that anything of value, including religion must be able to stand up to critical scrutiny, otherwise it lacks substance and is just blind dogma. I admit that my view is biased by the fact that my whole working career has revolved around scientifically proven facts which in turn means that no theory or belief can be accepted unless conclusively proven in a manner that is completely repeatable:  With unambiguous results.  Similarly, the scriptures whether they be in the guise of talmud, bible or koran, I would say are unlikely to be the words of any deity. Any all powerful entity seeing to the creation of such works would surely have the wherewith all to ensure that the texts be unambiguous and thus have only one very clear interpretation. Any scriptures worth the paper they are recorded on would thus unite all readers instead of being divisive to the point that they cause more conflicts than they prevent. Here I rest my case on this subject.